How To Contact Komo 4 News?

Similarly, What happened to KOMO radio?

KOMO AM/FM in Seattle has changed its name to KNWN AM/FM as of today. The modification was required as part of Sinclair Broadcast Group’s sale of radio stations to Lotus Communications (KOMO, KPLZ/STAR 101.5, and KVI).

Also, it is asked, Who are the newscasters on KOMO News?

More Bios about Our Team Nguyen, Lynnanne. Hannah Knowles is a well-known actress. Haider, Mo. Rebecca Stevenson is a writer. Rivera, Paul. Thuman, Scott. Kristine Frazao is a writer. Ahtra Elnashar is a character in the game Ahtra Elnashar.

Secondly, What network is KOMO News on?

Stream SeattleTacoma Local Channels Hulu with Live TV, fuboTV, and YouTube TV all have KOMO (ABC affiliate) available to watch.

Also, Who left KOMO 4 news?

Jonathan Choe, a veteran reporter for Seattle’s ABC station KOMO, wrote an article on Medium saying he was dismissed for covering a demonstration by the infamous Proud Boys organization. Choe was in Olympia, Washington’s state capitol, covering a demonstration earlier this month.

People also ask, Where is Tyra majors from?

I am a journalist, content producer, and author of the children’s book “Grammy and Me,” born and raised in San Diego, California. I’ve always enjoyed listening to and sharing tales!

Related Questions and Answers

How much do KOMO news anchors make?

News Anchor base salaries at organizations like KOMO vary from $35,295 to $58,033, with an average of $44,007. Total cash remuneration, including bonuses and yearly incentives, ranges from $35,538 to $58,345 per year, with an average total cash compensation of $44,269 per year.

How old is Shannon O Donnell?

48 years old (Septem.) Shannon O’Donnell is a woman of a certain age.

What does KOMO stand for?

Acronym. Definition. Kommodore Komodore Komodore Komodore Komodore Komodore Kom (German Squadron Commander)

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Is Seattle safe right now?

Seattle, on the other hand, has a relatively low crime rate. However, the same rules apply to cities: you should usually avoid going about alone after dark. Especially not in regions that are quiet and/or dimly lit. In general, we’ll argue that Seattle is rather safe — much safer, in fact, than most US cities.

Why are so many people leaving KOMO?

Several former workers have said that they quit because they no longer believed in the station’s output. Others were irritated with the station when Sinclair requested that a segment be shown in response to a Seattle Times editorial criticizing Sinclair’s takeover.

Who owns KOMO in Seattle?

Sinclair Broadcast Group is a media company based in Los Angeles, California KOMO / KOMO / KOMO / KOMO The heirs of business founder Julian Sinclair Smith own Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., a publicly listed American telecommunications corporation. Wikipedia

Is Ferreri leaving KOMO?

After 21 years covering sports for KOMO Sports, anchor Mike Ferreri said his last goodbyes on Friday. Here’s a look back at his KOMO-TV career. He’s relocating to take on new challenges. We wish him the best of luck!

Is Steve mccarron married?

But the fact is that I am married to a guy. While anchoring every broadcast, I proudly wear a rainbow band on my wrist.

Did Mary Nam have a mastectomy?

Mary Nam, a reporter for KOMO News, announced last month that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and would be gone for many weeks for treatment. For the first time, she is discussing her very personal battle with the illness. Mary had mastectomy surgery, which went off without a hitch.

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Where is Eric Johnson KOMO News?

Seattle is located in the state of Washington.

Where is Steve Poole now?

He was honored into the Department of Communications Hall of Fame at the University of Washington in 2004. After a successful prostate cancer treatment, Pool announced his retirement from broadcasting in November 2019.

Who owns Seattle TV stations?

The Seattle television market is dominated by large companies like Belo and Tribune Company. These two businesses each possess two stations and control over half of the income in the television industry. Belo is the owner of NBC’s KING-TV 5 and the independent KONG-TV 16. KCPQ-TV 13 (Fox) and KMYQ-TV 22 (CBS) are owned by Tribune (MyTV).

What Seattle TV stations are owned by Sinclair?

Show All TV Channels FOX.ABC.CBS.NBC.MyTV.CW.Univision.

What does Jomo mean?

the thrill of being left out

Which part of Seattle is best to live?

Here are the 20 greatest neighborhoods in Seattle, ranging from vibrant nightlife to seaside lifestyle. Fremont. Fremont is one of Seattle’s most popular neighborhoods, with a varied and welcoming atmosphere. Capitol Hill is located in Washington, D.C. Belltown. Ballard. Queen Anne was a British monarch who reigned from 17 Chinatown is located in the International District. Pioneer Square is the heart of the city. Beacon Hill is a neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts.

Is Seattle a depressing place to live?

Even in regular circumstances, some Seattle residents get depressed around this time of year. The drab and rain has here, and we have another six months of it ahead of us. However, the year 2020 will be everything but ordinary.

How do I submit a video to KOMO news?

Use Burst to submit a photo or video! You’ll be brought to this page if you type “” into your browser. Choose the appropriate category for your picture or video.

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How do I submit a photo to King 5?

Please continue to submit them to us in the following ways: – To submit your images, send them to [email protected] – On Instagram and Twitter, use the hashtag #king5. – Share your images with us on Facebook.

Who did KOMO layoff?

According to three KOMO workers who begged not to be named for fear of retaliation, laid-off personnel included a weekend sports anchor, two photojournalists, and jobs at the station’s lifestyle program “Seattle Refined,” radio station KPLZ, and Spanish-language outlet KUNS.

Who is leaving KIRO 7?

KIRO 7 News Seattle bids farewell to reporter and anchor Dave Wagner in this video.

Who owns Sinclair Broadcast Group?

INC SINCLAIR TELEVISION SINCLAIR TELEVISION SINCLAIR TELEVISION SINCLAIR TELE Sinclair Broadcast Group is the parent company of Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Who bought KOMO?

Lotus Communications (Lotus) is a

Does Sinclair own KOMO news?

A cyberattack was launched against KOMO TV and its parent company, Sinclair Broadcast Group.


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