How To Read Free News Articles?

How to Get Free Access to Paywall Articles Copy the headline and paste it into Google (News – Alert) Direct from Facebook (News – Alert). To open the link, use an incognito window. JavaScript should be disabled in your browser. Make a few changes to the webpage’s elements. Look for an article that has been duplicated. Make use of a virtual private network (VPN). Make use of a service that allows you to annotate.

Similarly, How can I bypass the news paywall?

Using reading extensions like Reader Mode is the simplest method to get around a paywall. Reader Mode transforms the body of an article into a pleasing and distraction-free format. Most significantly, it will eliminate the overlay features that made reading the restricted material difficult.

Also, it is asked, How can I read a news website without subscription?

There are a few ways to read an article without having to subscribe to it. Make use of the incognito mode. Make use of a VPN or just TOR. Clear your browser’s cookies. If the item is duplicated, locate it. To view articles without a membership, use Outline. To avoid subscribing, use the Paywalls Bypass plugin for Chrome/Firefox/Microsoft Edge. Make use of the page cache.

Secondly, How can I read NY Times for free?

How to Get a Free 72-Hour NY Times Pass On the SF Library page, click the New York Times Digital code redemption link. To obtain 72 hours of continuous access, click Redeem. If you already have an account, log in using your personal email address or click “log in here.”

Also, How can I read WSJ articles for free?

We suggest visiting the Wall Street Journal’s website ( first to choose which stories you want to read in full. Without having an online membership, the public edition of the WSJ website enables you to browse news headlines and a short summary of all articles.

People also ask, How do I bypass Chrome paywall?

You can use the Chrome extensions described below to get around both hard and soft paywalls: For hard paywalls, Bardeen is the best option. With the Bardeen Chrome plugin, you can automate most of your computer shortcuts. Unpaywall. ReaderMode – The Best Soft Paywall Extension. Get around the paywall. uBlock.

Related Questions and Answers

How can I read articles for free without subscription?

Without a subscription, there are several ways to read articles. In the Incognito Tab, open the page. Before the paywall loads, pause the page’s loading. Reset the cookies in your browser. Use a mobile browser to access the website. Make a PDF of the article. Look for the article that has been duplicated. Make use of a virtual private network (VPN). Use Outline to read articles without having to pay for them.

How can I get paid articles for free?

There are five different methods to access the full text of research publications that are both free and lawful. If you have one, make use of it! Browser add-ons for Open Access. Google Scholar is a search engine that allows you to find information Platforms for researchers. Please contact the author. Even if you don’t work or study at the institution, you may be able to access publications there. Check out your local library. Research4Life.

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How many NY Times articles can I read for free?

The New York Times is available online. Non-subscribers get 10 articles each month before having to pay.

How do you read The New York Times article?

The New York Times: How to Read It You’ll need to get the newspaper. Take a look at the most important stories of the day. Begin analyzing the tales you’ve chosen for the class’s attention. Make a judgment as you go through the tales whether you need to take a note or clip the narrative with crucial details highlighted.

Is NYT free for students?

The Undergraduate Student Center/SLICE and the University Libraries have partnered to provide free access to The New York Times to students, teachers, and employees. Individuals may use Passes to get access to and NYTimes applications, giving them digital access to the New York Times from any network or location.

How do I read WSJ 2021 for free?

This is how you do it: Step 1: Go to and scroll through the stories until you find one with a key symbol next to the title. Step 2: Highlight and copy the news title from the story page. Step 3: Paste the title of the article into the Google search box in the upper right corner of your browser.

Is The Wall Street Journal free?

The Wall Street Journal’s “google loophole” vanished a few months ago. But don’t worry: there’s a new method to obtain free access to the Wall Street Journal online, and all you have to do is go out of your filter bubble.

Is The Wall Street Journal app free?

You can take your membership with you wherever you go with the WSJ Apps for iOS and Android. Visit to get the free applications.

What is the cost of a New York Times digital subscription?

Current digital news subscribers are not eligible for the Basic Digital Access subscription offer. Your payment method will be charged the introductory offer rate of $4 every four weeks for the first year, and then the usual cost of $17 every four weeks after that.

Is New York Times subscription worth it?

I believe that the New York Times is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that should not be passed up for such a low price, particularly for news junkies and global affairs lovers. The New York Times has you covered, and it’s worth a chance since it’s far less expensive than other worldwide news sources or news websites.

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How do I download NY Times articles?

How to Save Articles from the Archives for Later Use Choose Save As or Save As File from the File menu of your web browser while viewing the article you wish to save. Double-click the folder where you want the page saved. Type a name for the page in the File Name box, then click Save.

Why do some NYT articles not have comments?

Comment threads on stories are usually available for 24 hours. Commenting is disabled after 24 hours, and our moderators are reassigned to fresh items. This guarantees that a respectful comments area may be found on a variety of publications.

What does NY Times All Access include?

Access to all digital content You may obtain access to New York Times Games, such as The Crossword, The Mini Crossword, Spelling Bee, Tiles, and more, by downloading the NYTimes apps for iOS and Android. Thousands of recipes, guidance for all skill levels, and a digital Recipe Box are available in New York Times Cooking.

How much is a student subscription to The New York Times?

Weekly payment of $1

How much is a NYT subscription for a student?

For $1 a week, college students may get digital access to The New York Times. For $1 a week, the New York Times will begin selling full access to on the web and via its smartphone applications to college students.

How do I access The New York Times through my school?

For Academic Passes, go to the Academic Pass website to activate your pass. To activate an Academic Pass, you’ll need a valid email address from the institution that issued the pass. With that email address, you must log in or establish an account on

How do I break my WSJ paywall?

Add a Referer Control Extension to your browser. This brilliant Chrome addon comes to the rescue. All you have to do is set up a rule so that when you click on a WSJ link, Google is automatically assigned as the referrer. It will miraculously unlock the paywall, saving you the pain of having to Google the headline of each item every time.

How many WSJ articles are free?

Publishers may restrict the amount of articles readers can access via Google referrals under the First Click Free program, but they must provide at least three free articles per day to visitors who come through Google.

How much does WSJ cost?

For the first 12 weeks of my Wall Street Journal membership, you will be charged $12.00 plus tax. After that, it’ll be $38.99 + tax every month. You have the option of canceling your membership at any time. There are no refunds on any fees or levies.

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Does Apple news include all Wall Street Journal articles?

Although Apple News+ includes a complete subscription to all content from The Wall Street Journal, access to some paywalled material might be difficult due to Apple’s restrictions on which WSJ stories are presented in Apple News +.

Is The Washington Post free with Amazon Prime?

But did you know that Amazon Prime subscribers also receive a free month’s digital membership to the Washington Post?

Does the NYT offer senior discount?

What is the senior discount at the New York Times? The seniors’ discount delivers an attractive value since it also includes a 1+ Bonus membership. The cost of a weekly membership to access limitless articles is just $0.25.

Can I share my NY Times subscription with my wife?

Find out how to give your friends and family free access to The New York Times. You may be able to share your New York Times membership, or a bonus subscription, with friends and family, depending on your subscription type.

What is the best newspaper to subscribe to?

The New York Times (NYT) is at the top of the list, with 7.5 million subscribers. The New York Times had an outstanding year in 2020, generating the same amount of income from digital subscriptions as it did for the whole year of 2019. The New York Times is at the top of the list.

Is The New York Times losing readers?

The New York Times, like most other American newspapers, has seen a drop in circulation. Between 2005 and 2017, its printed daily circulation fell by half to 540,000 copies.


How can one read free articles without a subscription? There are many ways to do this. One of the most popular methods is through RSS feeds. If you have an RSS reader, you can subscribe to any number of websites and read their articles for free. Another option is to browse through news websites that don’t require a subscription. These websites will often offer articles on specific topics or current events, which can be helpful in finding relevant content.

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