Is Fox News Ratings Dropping?

Similarly, Who has more viewers CNN or Fox?

News Corp.

Also, it is asked, What are the ratings of Fox News compared to CNN?

With an average prime time viewership of 2.863 million people (up 19%), Fox News continued to dominate the month, followed by MSNBC (1.283 million viewers, down 29%), and CNN (1.219 million viewers)

Secondly, How are the ratings on Fox News?

During the month, Fox News averaged 1.52 million total viewers, a 25% increase over the same period in 2021. This compares to 668,000 for MSNBC, a 30% decline, and 582,000 for CNN, a 26% decline.

Also, What is the number 1 news network?

Top cable news networks in the US in 2022, according to viewership With 1.52 million primetime viewers during that time period, Fox News maintained its position as the most viewed cable news network in the United States in April 2022.

People also ask, Are CNN ratings down in 2022?

In comparison to March 2022, CNN lost -43 percent of its total primetime viewers, -54 percent of its primetime demo, -34 percent of its overall daytime viewers, and -43 percent of its overall daytime adults 25-54. CNN nevertheless ends April 2022 in the top 10 basic cable programs for the whole day, both in terms of total viewers (No.

Related Questions and Answers

Which Evening news has the highest ratings?

With 7.3 MILLION TOTAL VIEWERS, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS RANKS AS ONE OF THE TOP 5 MOST-WATCHED TV PROGRAMS FOR THE WEEK. NOTE: As of August 31, 2020, only 44 of the markets covered by Nielsen Media Research’s Nielsen Ratings now include the inclusion of Out of Home (OOH) viewing.

What is the most-watched news channel in 2021?

2021’S MOST WATCHED NETWORKS (BY TOTAL VIEWERS) 5,574 for CBS. 0% 5,484 viewers of NBC. +9% 4,077 ABC, a -10% decrease Fox. 3,683. a 12% decrease. News Corp. 2,394 channel. -34 percent 1,618. +11 percent for ESPN MSNBC, 1,537. -28 % 1,432 are in Univision, down 1%.

Is Fox News number one in ratings?

The Five on FNC continues to demonstrate extraordinary ratings strength, reclaiming the title of highest-rated program in cable news despite broadcasting outside of prime time, when viewing is generally at its peak. In total, Fox had 98 of the top 100 most viewed telecasts of the week.

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Which news channel has the best ratings?

Channel Fox News Since the network’s debut, FNC has progressively gained popularity and was the highest-rated cable network until January 2021, when MSNBC temporarily overtook it. In February 2021, Fox News regained its top spot.

With an average total viewership of 2.634 million people, Fox News led the cable networks during prime time. This is an increase of 6% over the same time last year. With 1.194 million viewers, MSNBC came in second (a 46 percent year-over-year loss), and CNN (774,000 viewers, representing a decline of 54 percent from 2021).

Which news network has the largest viewership?


What is the most-watched news network in 2022?

Fox News is still the top cable news network and the only one to see year-over-year gains in Q1 2022 ratings. 2,554,000 Total Viewers/429,000 A25-54 at Prime Time (Mon-Sun). 1,613,000 Total Viewers/283,000 A25-54 for the whole day (Mon-Sun).

Is Fox News the most watched?

During the week of May 9, Fox News Channel had the second-highest overall daytime viewing and the second-highest primetime viewing among basic cable networks. For the 39th week in a row, the cable news giant averaged more viewers overall than CNN and MSNBC put together.

Who is the most trusted journalist in America?

the top journalists for news CNN’s Anderson Cooper ABC, David Muir CNBC-Shereen TV18’s Bhan. ABC’s Robin Roberts CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

What age group watches CNN the most?

According to CNN’s audience statistics, 37% of viewers are between the ages of 30 and 49, 26% are between the ages of 50 and 64, and 17% are 65 or over.

How many viewers does Fox network have?

According to Nielsen live-plus-same-day figures for May 2022, Fox News Channel has recently finished its fifteenth straight month as the most viewed basic cable network overall. The average of 1.46 million viewers per day is the second-highest May viewership in network history (only behind May 2020).

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How many viewers does Fox Nation have?

Fox claims that its Fox Nation subscription base increased over 40% this year, with one analyst estimating that it had more than 1 million customers. That’s because to the streaming service’s content, which includes COPS, Tucker Carlson Originals, and “Fox News Primetime All The Time.”

Do more people watch ABC News or Fox News?

With 4.8 million people, ABC had the most viewership overall. With 3.5 million viewers total for the broadcast networks, NBC came in second, followed by CBS (3.3 million). Only 223,000 people tuned in to Fox Business Network between 8 and 10 p.m. to see Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum provide live coverage of Fox News.

What is the number 1 show in America 2021?

NFL Sunday Night Football, which had about 17 million viewers, and NFL Thursday Night Football, which had almost 13.4 million, were the two most viewed TV programs in the United States during the 2020–2021 season.

What morning news show has the best ratings?

NBC News competitor “Today” regularly led in the crucial category of viewers between 25 and 54, the demographic that determines how much advertising is paid for each show. The ABC News program typically draws the largest viewership among morning news programs.

Who has the largest viewing audience on Fox News?

With 3.6 million viewers, “The Five” on Fox News Channel is the most popular cable news program. Contributors to Forbes are free to share their own opinions.

Who really owns CNN?

Discovery by Warner Bros. Parent company of CNN The worldwide division of Warner Bros. Discovery is run by president Gerhard Zeiler and was known as Turner Broadcasting System International and WarnerMedia International. Wikipedia

What is Tucker Carlson’s viewership?

With an average viewership of 4.56 million people in April 2020, Carlson’s program overtook Hannity as the highest-rated primetime cable news program. The greatest viewership for any show in cable news history, 4.33 million people watched Tucker Carlson Tonight on average during the second quarter of 2020.

Who is the most influential news anchor?

Amanpour, Christiane Amanpour is a journalist and television broadcaster who is British and Iranian. Woodward, Bob Cooper, Anderson Theroux, Louis Bhan Shereen.

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What is America’s most-watched newscast?

One of the most popular TV programs is still NBC Nightly News.

How many viewers does CNN get a day?

The average viewership was 534,000 viewers overall, a 68 percent decrease from 2021. To be fair to CNN, cable news viewing has decreased from a year ago, with high viewership being driven by the aftermath of the 2020 election and the assault on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Who owns Fox New?

Corporation Fox Parent company of Fox News Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch runs and controls the publicly listed Fox Corporation, which has its headquarters at 1211 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. Wikipedia

What is the difference between Fox News and Fox Nation?

Fox News offers a streaming service called Fox Nation that blends original content with popular Prime Time shows from the broadcast network. Along with brand-new programs, you’ll see well-known names like Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity, and Tucker Carlson.

Does Fox Nation have a lot of subscribers?

Fox Nation’s monthly downloads increased by 204 percent from February to roughly 282,300 in March. The number of downloads in March 2021 increased by 260% and 72% over the same time periods in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

How many viewers does CNN Plus have?

With just 10,000 daily viewers and about 100,000 (paywall) total customers, CNN+ looks to be failing in its goal to attract 2 million subscribers in its first year.

How is CNN Plus doing?

A new York (CNN Business) Just one month after its debut, CNN+, the streaming service that was heralded as one of the most important advances in CNN history, will be discontinued on April 30.


Fox News Ratings are down from last year, but the network is still being watched by millions of people.

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