What Actions Does Balthasars News Prompt Romeo To Do?

What does Romeo do in response to Balthasar’s news? It leads him to pay a visit to Juliet and then poison himself.

Similarly, What does Romeo’s reaction to Balthasar’s news show?

How does Romeo respond to the news from Balthasar? “Are you serious?” is his initial response. “This isn’t possible.” He will revolt against the stars and insult the skies. He also said that he would commit himself since Juliet is no longer alive.

Also, it is asked, What does Balthasar’s response suggest he is doing?

What does Balthasar’s reaction imply he’s up to? Balthasar is attempting to keep the news from Romeo.

Secondly, What news does Romeo’s servant bring him?

Romeo’s servant Balthasar informs him that Juliet has died and been buried in the Capulet mausoleum.

Also, Which of these events most clearly illustrates the workings of fate in bringing about Romeo’s death?

In the narrative, Romeo rushes into love and death without considering the consequences of his actions. Which of these occurrences from Act V of Romeo and Juliet best depicts fate’s role in Romeo’s demise? Even though Romeo thinks Juliet is dead, he continues to love her.

People also ask, What is Paris doing at the Capulet vault?

A5S3 What is Paris doing in the crypt of Capulet? He is delivering flowers at Juliet’s memorial.

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How does Romeo convince the apothecary to help him?

Romeo must persuade the pharmacist to sell him poison. In return for the poison, he will give the pharmacy a large sum of money.

What does Romeo plan to do when he hears Balthasar’s news of Juliet?

He informs Balthasar that he has arrived to uncover the Capulet tomb in order to retrieve a priceless ring that he had given to Juliet. Then he tells Balthasar to go and deliver the note Romeo gave him to Montague the next morning.

What news does Romeo expect?

What kind of news did Romeo get from Verona? What exactly does Romeo mean when he says, “Well Juliet, I shall lay with thee tonight.” Romeo is using foreshadowing to suggest that he is about to commit himself. He claims that he and Juliet will both perish shortly.

What does Romeo decide to do immediately after hearing this news?

What does Romeo do as soon as he receives this information? He instructs Balthasar to provide a horse and a letter, after which he will purchase poison.

Which of Capulets actions in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Act I best supports the answer to Part A?

Which of Capulet’s acts in Act I of Romeo and Juliet supports the answer to Part A the best? He vows to support Juliet’s own marital desires.

Which statement best supports the claim that Juliet’s actions in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Act V make the play tragedy?

Which of the following statements best supports the idea that Juliet’s actions in Act V of Romeo and Juliet make the play tragic? She is a noble person who suffers misfortune due to destiny and her own character defects.

How does the apothecary respond to Romeo’s request at first?

The Apothecary first declines because he risks being executed if he is discovered selling illicit medications. The Apothecary, on the other hand, is impoverished, and Romeo gives him money. Romeo is given the poison by the Apothecary, who warns him that even if he possessed the power of twenty men, the poison would kill him practically soon.

How do Capulet and Montague react to the deaths of their children?

After the Prince accuses Capulet and Montague of murdering their children, the two men promise to work out their differences. Montague is addressed as “brother” by Capulet, who then begs for his hand in friendship. Montague counters by outdoing Capulet.

What are Romeo’s two reasons for entering the Capulet tomb?

Balthasar is given two reasons by Romeo to visit the Capulet’s grave. What are the two causes behind this? He wants to look Juliet in the eyes and steal her ring. Why does Paris believe Romeo has arrived at the tomb?

What are Romeo’s dying words?

Here’s to my adoration! True apothecary, you! Your medicines work quickly. As a result, I die with a kiss.

What does Romeo seek to buy from an apothecary Why does he think the apothecary will sell it to him even though it is illegal?

What convinces the Apothecary to sell the poison to Romeo? Because he is too impoverished to refuse the offer, the Apothecary agrees to sell the poison.

What argument does Romeo use to convince the apothecary to sell him poison anyway?

What is Romeo’s reasoning for convincing the pharmacist to offer him a dram of poison? The apothecary is broke and in dire need of funds. What chemical does Romeo believe is more dangerous than poison?

Is the apothecary to blame for Romeo’s death?

Finally, now that you know who is to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths, I’ll leave you with this. First, the pharmacist gave Romeo the poison because he believed Juliet was dead and that if he drank it in her grave, he would die with her.

How is Balthasar responsible for the death of Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo’s man, Balthasar, claimed some blame for Romeo and Juliet’s deaths. Despite having little involvement with Romeo and Juliet during the play, Balthasar’s deeds prompted the lovers to commit suicide.

What preparations does Romeo make when he is mistakenly informed of Juliet’s death?

When Romeo hears of Juliet’s death in scene 1, what preparations does he make? He goes to the pharmacist to get poison in order to commit suicide and die alongside Juliet. Consider Paris’ role in Scene 3. He vows to lay flowers on Juliet’s tomb and shower her with either perfume or tears.

What does Romeo say when Juliet dies?

Act 5, scene 1: Romeo remarks that nothing in the world can be sick if Juliet is healthy. Balthasar responds that nothing can be sick since Juliet is well: she is in paradise, having been discovered dead at her house that morning. “Then I defy you, stars,” Romeo exclaims, thunderstruck (5.1. 24).

What does Romeo plan to do as soon as he hears about Juliet’s death why is there no mourning grieving period?

When Romeo learns of Juliet’s death, what does he intend to do? Why is there no time of grief or bereavement? He instructs Balthasar to get a pen and paper so that he might write to his father. His essay is significant since it subsequently confirms Friar’s narrative.

What does Romeo compare the tomb to?

To what does Romeo liken the tomb? He will push open a “maw” (mouth) of death that has devoured Juliet, and he will compel it to consume him as well.

Where does Romeo decide to go?

Romeo intends to go to Verona to see Juliet and then commit suicide. No one will come to his aid.

What can you infer about Romeo’s character based on the speed and method of his decision making?

What can you infer about Romeo’s character from the rapidity with which he makes his decision? He is a courageous and resolute individual. How is Friar John stopped from delivering Friar Laurence’s message to Mantua? Why does Paris visit the grave of Capulet?

Did Romeo and Juliet Get Married?

Romeo slips into the Capulet orchard to visit Juliet, and the two confess their love for one another, vowing to marry and live together. With the assistance of Juliet’s nurse and Friar Laurence, Romeo and Juliet marry in secret. In Verona, another brawl breaks out, and Tybalt murders Romeo’s companion Mercutio.

How does Tybalt react to the news that Romeo is at the party How does Capulet react?

Tybalt is reprimanded by Capulet, who informs him that Romeo is well-liked in Verona and that he would not have the boy hurt during his feast. Tybalt objected, but Capulet chastised him until he agreed to maintain the peace.

Who kills Mercutio?


How does Romeo respond when Juliet tells him that he will be killed if the other Capulets find him?

Romeo claims that he is more terrified of Juliet rejecting him than of the Capulets discovering him.

What is Juliet’s immediate reaction to this?

What is Juliet’s first response to this situation? She’s going to commit suicide. What does Juliet say about Romeo after learning that he murdered Tybalt? He believes he is being duped.

In what ways do Romeo and Juliet need the help?

In what ways do romeo and Juliet need the assistance of Friar Lawrence and the Nurse to rescue their love and go forward? Use evidence from the text to back up your argument. They need older and wiser adults to advise them and help them handle difficulties since they act emotionally and impulsively.


The “what does friar john tell friar laurence?” is a question that asks what action the character of Romeo would take if he was in the play by William Shakespeare. The answer to this question is not known, but it would be interesting to see what actions Romeo takes.

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