What Are Georgia Tech’s Colors?

If you’re a fan of the Georgia Institute of Technology, then you probably already know the school’s colors. But just in case you don’t, we’ll tell you all about them!

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The Colors

The school colors of Georgia Tech are old gold and white. They were selected in 1885 by a committee of students. The white color was chosen to symbolize purity, while the old gold was selected to represent the school’s golden opportunity.


White is one of the colors of Georgia Tech. It is also the color of purity, cleanliness, and innocence.


Georgia Tech’s official colors are Old Gold and White. The school nickname is the Yellow Jackets.

The History of the Colors

Georgia Tech’s colors are officially listed as white and gold. The story goes that in 1892, John Heisman, Georgia Tech’s first football coach, suggested that the school’s colors be changed to old gold and white. This was because he wanted the team to have a unique look and because he thought the colors would look good together.

When they were first chosen

In 1885, when Georgia Institute of Technology was founded, it had no school colors. That changed in October 1888, when a student petitioned the administration to choose school colors and to forbid the wearing of any colors other than those chosen at that time. The administration acted on that suggestion, and “Old Gold and White” were selected as Georgia Tech’s official school colors.

There are several stories about how these particular colors were chosen. One story says that a member of the first Board of Trustees, Mrs. Clifford Anderson, suggested the colors. She is said to have been inspired by the yellow daisies that grew in great profusion on the Tech campus each spring. Another story attributes the choice of Old Gold to John Hickey, one of Georgia Tech’s first faculty members and the faculty advisor to the student body. He is said to have suggested Old Gold because it was “the gold of new corn.”

Regardless of how they were actually chosen, Old Gold and White have been Georgia Tech’s official school colors for more than 125 years.

Why they were chosen

The colors of crimson and gold were selected by a committee in 1891. The reason given at the time for the colors was: “They are emblematic of all that is noble, high-toned and great.”

Crimson (a darker red) and gold were chosen in an attempt to match the colors of Harvard University. The story goes that a member of the committee, Lynch Hollis, was a graduate of Harvard and wanted Tech to have colors similar to his alma mater.

How the Colors are Used

Georgia Tech’s colors are yellow and blue. Yellow is a primary color, while blue is a secondary color. The two colors are often used together, but they can also be used separately. Yellow is associated with joy, happiness, and energy, while blue is associated with trust, responsibility, and calm.

The school’s website

Georgia Tech’s colors are blue and gold. They are sometimes referred to as “Old Gold and Blue.”

The school’s athletics teams

The school colors of Georgia Tech are old gold and white. They were selected by a committee in 1885 to replace black and cardinal (an early name for a shade of red) after a battle between the Tech Tower Society, which preferred old gold, and the Athletic Association, which wanted black. White was included to add variety. The first known use of old gold on Tech’s athletic teams occurred on Thanksgiving Day in 1892, when Hammond used it to dye the trim on football manager John H. Gray’s sweater. In 1896, the football team began using old gold and white jerseys for their games.

What the Colors Mean to Students

When you think of Georgia Tech, what colors come to mind? Most people think of the school’s colors as being blue and yellow. However, there is a lot more to the story than that. The school’s colors actually have a lot of meaning for students.

What they symbolize

The colors of Georgia Tech’s flag are Old Gold and White. The Old Gold color was chosen to symbolize the “golden opportunity” that the University provides to its students. The White color was chosen to symbolize purity and integrity.

How they make students feel

The colors of Georgia Tech’s athletic teams are gold and white. These colors were chosen by a student vote in 1894. The school’s official color isOld Gold, which is Pantone 116 in the CMYK color model and Hex triplet #FFCC00 in the RGB color model. students feel that gold represents the school’s prestige and achievements, while white symbolizes its purity and integrity.

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