What Channel is the Texas Tech Game On Today?

Wondering what channel the Texas Tech game is on today? Check out this blog post for all the info you need!

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Here you will find all the information you need to know about what channel the Texas Tech game is on today.

The game will be shown on ESPN.

The Different Channels that the Game could be on

The game could be on either ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNU.

How to Find Out which Channel the Game is on

To find out which channel the game is on, you can either check your local listings or call your cable or satellite provider. You can also check online at websites like ESPN.com or CBSSports.com.


In conclusion, you can find the Texas Tech game on today by checking your local listings or by searching online. The game is typically broadcast on either ESPN or FOX, but it may be shown on other channels in some areas. You can also check the Texas Tech website for updated information on where to watch the game.

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