What Happened to What the Tech?

We’re sorry, but What the Tech? is no longer being updated. We appreciate your support over the years and hope you’ll find another blog to enjoy.

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What Happened to What the Tech? was a popular technology podcast created by former Microsoft MVPs Leo Laporte and Paul Thurrott. The podcast ran from 2005 to 2014 and was one of the most popular tech podcasts during its run.

In 2014, Leo Laporte left the podcast to launch TWiT, a network of technology podcasts. Paul Thurrott continued What the Tech on his own for a few months before eventually cancelling the podcast in 2015.

What the Tech was known for its frank discussion of Microsoft and Windows-related news and products. Leo and Paul were not afraid to voice their opinions on even the most controversial topics. The podcast was also known for its humorous moments, thanks in large part to Leo’s quick wit.

What Happened to What the Tech? is just one example of how popular technology podcasts can be. If you’re interested in starting your own tech podcast, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you need to be knowledgeable about your chosen topic. You’ll also need to be able to articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely. Finally, it helps if you have a sense of humour!

What the Tech was

What the Tech was a YouTube channel created by GaryOPA. The channel provided technology news, reviews and commentary.

The channel was very successful and had a large following. However, in March of 2020, GaryOPA announced that he was shutting down the channel. He cited personal reasons for the decision and said that he no longer had the time or energy to maintain the channel.

Many of GaryOPA’s fans were disappointed by the news and some even accused him of abandoning them. However, GaryOPA has remained active on other social media platforms and has hinted that he may return to YouTube in the future.

What happened to What the Tech?

So many great tech questions, so little time! In order to focus on other projects, I have decided to discontinue What the Tech.

It has been a great pleasure answering your questions over the past few years, and I hope you will continue to support my other writing endeavors. Thank you for reading!

Aftermath of What the Tech

After hundreds of episodes, dozens of memorable moments and a faithful following of listeners, What The Tech ? has ended. The podcast was created in 2009 by Gordon Kelly and AndrewNancarrow and for 11 years it brought you the latest news, reviews and debates on all things tech – from the coolest new gadgets to the latest smartphone release. It was a show packed full of insight, wit and banter (sometimes friendly, sometimes not so much) that kept listeners coming back for more week after week. So what happened?

After 11 years, 52 weeks a year, it’s only natural that things change and people move on. In 2020 that’s exactly what happened with What The Tech? when both Gordon and Andrew decided it was time to move on to other projects.

While we’re sad to see the show go, we’re incredibly proud of what we achieved over more than a decade and we want to thank each and every one of our listeners for their support.

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