What Tech Companies Are in Austin?

If you’re thinking about making a move to Austin, you’re probably wondering what tech companies are in the area. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular companies in the city.

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List of tech companies in Austin

EMC Corporation
Hitachi Data Systems
Intel Corporation
Macrovision Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
National Instruments
Oracle Corporation Twitter Inc.

Major tech companies in Austin

Among the many tech companies in Austin are some of the most well-known and successful in the world. Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon all have a significant presence in the city, as do Dell, IBM, HP, and Microsoft. Other major tech firms with a base in Austin include Oracle, Intel, Symantec, and AOL.

Smaller tech companies in Austin

There are a number of small tech companies in Austin that are worth mentioning. Some of these companies are well-funded and have been in operation for a while, while others are newer startups that are just getting off the ground.

Companies like Cvent, Indeed, and RetailMeNot are all small tech companies with a presence in Austin. These companies offer a variety of services and products, ranging from event planning software to online coupons and deals.

Other notable small tech companies in Austin include GOGOGO, an on-demand transportation service; Bazaarvoice, a provider of social commerce software; and BigCommerce, an ecommerce platform provider. These companies are all relatively new to the Austin tech scene, but they are already making big waves.

Keep an eye on these small tech companies in Austin; they are sure to make a big impact in the coming years!

Newest tech companies in Austin

The newest and hottest tech companies in Austin right now are Humin, Bazaarvoice, Indeed, Spredfast, and HomeAway. These startups are attracting a lot of attention and talent from around the country. They are all growing rapidly and hiring for a variety of positions. If you’re looking for a job in the tech industry, these companies are definitely worth checking out.

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